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Acronyms, Symbols & Abbreviations

Published by Carlos da Fonte, em 08.03.12

The adjoining table specifies the acronyms, symbols and abbreviations used in the thesis, as well as several others that may be useful for the next developments. Please note that not all the signs correspond exactly to those we used previously. While striving to keep maximum consistency, we improved what seemed less clear including complementary symbology, some already used in texts related to these themes. We've tried our best to make it correspond to a regular Portuguese keyboard. Similarly to other tables, we will add new entries whenever needed.

- no data / redundant data
- heraldic disposition (2-1-2)
- subtracted from
_ no character
_ morpheme
\ meteorological specification
/ of (1/3)
/ or
/ end of a manuscript line
// end of a manuscript page
# quantitative specification
% per cent
n(omi)ne abbreviation of manuscript letters
[M] manuscript initial
[… …] interruption
[s.l.] sine loco
[s.n.] sine nomine
~ is parophone to
^ architectural specification
* specification of notoriety
+ concatenated with
+ added to
< less than
< > electronic address delimiters
less or equal than
= arms of transmission
= equal to
> phonetic evolution
> greater than
>< different
greater or equal than
× versus / compared to
× multiplied by
÷ divided by
see partial results
sequence of events
since (period)
see partial results
§ specification of signage
Σ summation
1D unidimensional
2D two-dimensional
3D three-dimensional
A accommodation
A alteration
a.C. before Christ
A.D.B. Arquivo Distrital de Braga
Abr. April
abrª abbreviation
Add Liber Additamentorum
adj. adjective
Ago. August
alb. Albanese
ALE Germany
ale. German
ano. Anglo-Norman
ANT anthroponymic metonymization
ara. Aragonese
arv. tree
ast. Asturian
ATI heraldic trace of attitude
B botanical specification
Bal Balliol Roll
bas. Basque
BEL Belgium
bie. Belarussian
Big Rôle d'Arms Bigot
bos. Bosnian
bre. Breton
bul. Bulgarian
bxa. Lower-German
c coeficient of character
C specification of coloration
C complement
Cae Caerlaverock's Roll
Cam Rôle de Tournoi de Cambrai
CAP capital metonymization
cap. chapter
cas. Castilian
cat. Catalan
caz. Kazakh
Cdn Camden Roll
Cha Charles' Roll
Ce City / Municipality
che. Czech
Cho Rôle de Tournoi de Chauvency
cód. codex
Col Collins' Roll
Com Rôle de Tournoi de Compiègne
CR Carolingian script
cro. Croatian
d designant
D denominant
D word composition
D. Dom / Dona
Der Dering Roll
Dez. December
din. Danish
DIS heraldic trace of disposition
doc. document
docs. documents
E specification
e.g. exempli gratia
ed. edition / editor
ESAD Escola Superior de Artes e Design
ESM heraldic trace of tincture
est. picture
et al. et alii
etc. et coetera
ETN ethnonymic metonymization
Fev. February
f. folium
attributed arms
Fal Falkirk's Roll
fasc. fascicle
FEUP Faculdade de Engenharia da UP
FIG heraldic trace of figuration
fig. figura
fin. Finnish
fls. folia
FLUP Faculdade de Letras da UP
FRA France
fra. French
G geometrical specification
gae. Scottish Gaelic
Gal Galloway Roll
gav. drawer
Gel Codex Gelre
GEO geographical metonymization
Geo St. George's Roll
glg. Galician
Glo Glover's Roll
gls. Welsh
Grand Duchy
gre. Greek
GT Gothic script
H heraldic trace
H human specification
Her Herald's Roll
HID hydronymic metonymization
hol. Dutch
hun. Hungarian
I interaction
ing. English
IPA International Phonetic Alphabet
irl. Irish Gaelic
isl. Icelandic
ita. Italian
j nº of parophonic transformations
Jan. January
Js Book of Joshua
Jul. July
Jun. June
Jz Book of Judges
k discretion index
lat. Latin
LD Denominant's language
Ld Designant's language
Leb Armorial Le Breton
leo. Leonese
let. Latvian
lig. Ligurian
lit. literally
liv. book
ltn. Lithuanian
LOC heraldic trace of placement
lux. Luxembourgish
M referent's metonymization
M material specification
m. bundle
Mai. May
Man Codex Manesse
Mar Lord Marshall's Roll
Mar. March
max(a,b) maximum value of (a, b)
MD diplomatic minuscule script
mns. Manese
ms. manuscript / manuscripts
Mt Gospel of Matthew
n quantity / number
N / n no
nD nº of denominant's characters
nd nº of designant's characters
n1 footnote 1
nor. Norwegian
Nov. November
nrm. Norman
NUM heraldic trace of number
º astronomical specification
Ø none / empty set
oci. Occitan
Ofl Rôle d'Armes de l'Ost de Flandre
Om Military Order
ORI heraldic trace of orientation
Out. October
p coefficient of positioning
p. / Pª page
PAD heraldic trace of pattern
p1 type of simple plane symmetry
Plo Rôle d'Armes de l'Ost de Ploërmel
pol. Polish
pp. pages
R referent
r. recto
RC classical rodado
RES residential metonymization
REU United Kingdom
RF fanciful rodado
rmc. Romansh
rom. Romanian
Rt Toponymical reference
rus. Russian
S specification of substantive
S sematization
S / s yes
S. Saint
SC wax seal
séc. century
SEP heraldic trace of separation
ser. Serbian
Set. September
Sl Book of Psalms
SN sign without a rodado
sor. Sorbian
SP lead seal
ss. following
Sti Stirling Roll
sue. Swedish
t coefficient of transposition
T toponymical specification
T transmigration
T.T. Torre do Tombo
TER territorial metonymization
ucr. Ucranian
UP Universidade do Porto
V verbal specification / action
V verbalization
v. verso
var. variety
Ver Armorial du Heraut Vermandois
vol. volume
VS visigothic script
VT carolingian-visigothic script
Wal Walford's Roll
Wij Wijnbergen Wappenrolle
Z zoological specification
Zur Zürcher Wappenrolle

Autoria e outros dados (tags, etc)

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Published by Carlos da Fonte, em 06.03.12

Although an errata sheet already exists, appended to the original brochure, it can't be seen in the text scanned by FEUP's Library. We took advantage of this opportunity to introduce some additional corrections into a freshly updated errata, ready now to be published. In any case the reference text must always be the one found at FEUP. After the first amendments the number of pages changed and some entries including the pagination went wrong but most of them seem to be acknowledged. The changes we deemed more relevant are set in boldface at the page number cells.

22 8 resultados parciais ___ 52   resultados parciais ___ 53
22 7 Abril ___ 172   Abril ___ 173
22 10 resultados parciais ___ 130   resultados parciais ___ 129
22 14 multiplicado por ___ 52   multiplicado por ___ 53
22 33 maior ou igual a ___ 53   maior ou igual a ___ 54
22 33 búlgaro para ___110   búlgaro para ___109
22 35 menor ou igual a ___ 53   menor ou igual a ___ 52
23 3 gaélico   gaélico escocês
23 4 gaélico para ___ 87   gaélico escocês para ___ 88
23 14 Compiègne ___ 92   Compiègne ___ 93
23 30 et alii ___ 45   et alii ___ 119
23 32 Livro de Josias   Livro de Josué
23 35 Junho ___ 172   Junho ___ 173
24 3 recto ___ 152   recto ___ 151
24 11 maço ___ 148   maço ___ 34
24 11 Santo ___ 40   Santo ___ 41
24 14 Março ___ 87   Março ___ 88
24 20 manuscritos(s) ___ 152   manuscritos(s) ___ 151
24 21 Mateus ___ 152   Mateus ___ 153
30 16 para estabelecer   para constituir
36 8 O Marquês   ____ O Marquês
42 8 bispo de Lisboa   Bispo de Lisboa
46 23 adverso   avesso
46 n5 , phonétique   phonétique
46 n5 , constitué   constitué
46 n5 . Cette   Cette
48 14 complexo, só   complexo. Só
50 15 transposições   transformações, transposições 
50 18  Quando houver substituição de   Ao transformarem-se os
51 2 inicial do designante   inicial
51 n21 secção   sub-sub-secção
54 26 sugeriam   sugeria
55 39 reino   Reino
56 36 Alem disso   Além disso
57 9 aprendíamos   apreendíamos
59 26 Alargamos   Alargámos
61 4 como besantes   em besantes
61 31 este modelo idealizado   esta forma idealizada
61 32 uma idealização   outra idealização
64 16 secção   sub-secção
65 17 pela cor prateada   pelo esmalte prateado
66 7 após o alisamento   após o nivelamento
71 24 "1 "   "1"
79 28 acentuado   marcado
81 39 gaélico   gaélico escocês
87 11 leva a crer que seria   aponta para
87 14 excepção   excepção dos antropónimos e 
88 13 e Condado   com o Condado
91 13 gaélico   galês
93 4 das Ilhas Órcades à p. 100.   de Hesse à p. 103.
94 n31 pp. 122 e ss.   pp. 121 e ss.
98 2 é Ziegenhein   seria Ziegenhahn
100 2 Capital   capital
100 11 Três naus sobre um   Uma nau sobre o
100 13 Para as armas   Armas
101 8 a actual   o actual
102 15 Thames   Thames (ing. Tamisa)
103 1 deve   deveria
103 2 daí que predomine   predomina contudo
103 2 cinco palos   quatre pals
106 9 pelo rio   por sua capital
108 21 gae.   gls.
108 24 à p. 87   à p. 88
109 n55 ]À la   ] À la
110 n58 ]Il est   ] Il est
112 33 extensional   extensivo
113 22 Gueldern   Gelderen
113 23 besantes dourados   arruelas vermelhas
113 23 os besantes   as arruelas
119 3 a montante   anteriormente
124 11 apesar de não os termos   embora não os tenhamos
125 30 clabriae   calabriae
126 20 clabriae   calabriae
127 24 imbrica   imbrico
128 1 imbrica   imbrico
129 25 em Óis da   perto de Óis da
130 10 sobra as   sobre as
131 3 subsecção   sub-secção
131 15 millium   milium
131 19 monas: ;   monas:
132 43 fazer sair   sais
135 5 abertura, tolerar   abertura; patior: tolerar
136 37 a direcção da   as duas direcções da
137 23 Prorectoscallis   Prorectuscallis
137 34 Prorectoscallis   Prorectuscallis
141 2 Prorectoscallis   Prorectuscallis
141 21 Proectoscallis   Prorectuscallis
141 22 rectos em rtos   rectus em rtus
141 22 Prorctoscallis   Prorctuscallis
141 23 Pror(ec)toscallis   Pror(ec)tuscallis
141 32 Prorectoscallis   Prorectuscallis
141 32 Prorectoscallis   Prorectuscallis
141 36 Prorectoscallis   Prorectuscallis
142 4 Pror(ec)toscallis   Pror(ec)tuscallis
142 22 Pror(ec)toscallis   Pror(ec)tuscallis
142 22 r(ec)tos   r(ec)tus
149 23 nas armas antigas   no símbolo antigo
153 4 ser é feita   ser feita
153 32 sólidos no   sólidos, no
154 6 quinal   quintal
154 12 da sua nacionalidade   das suas origens
154 n34 subsecção   sub-secção
155 5 dos nossos primeiros   dos primeiros
157 n46 13 de de Maio   13 de Maio
160 9 um seu antecessor   um antecessor
170 7 HEIMER, Z.   VELDE, F.
176 37 Geografia Ale Ale   Geografia Hol Hol
181 43 Ferrete   Ferrette
184 22 Geografia Ano Ano P   Geografia Ano Ano S
184 40 Katzenelbogen   Katzenelnbogen
189 6 Prussia   Prússia
201 4 Katzenelbogen   Katzenelnbogen
209 2 Balliol , 87   Balliol, 88
210 23 Disposição   Disposições

Autoria e outros dados (tags, etc)

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Present State of Research

Published by Carlos da Fonte, em 25.02.12

Numerous developments occurred since the presentation of the thesis, more than two years ago. I mention firstly those strictly linked to its contents. Some of these developments correct inaccuracies, as the transmission of the Scottish tressure and the verbalizations for the single-headed eagle of the Holy-Empire or even the Castilian fortress. Others complete what was already proposed but then only partially interpreted: broken designants - Cenomanum ~ Senum... - or heteronymic polysemies as in Reuss ~ Kreuz. A great amount of them amplify the interpretations of the corpus to additional heraldic traces included in the same arms, more or less conspicuous: the rest of the Hungarian partition, the tinctures for the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Danish blue lions. The new circumstances lead to the reduction of the respective discretion indexes, stressing, furthermore, new semantic interactions within the coexisting traces. In the table below, the first of these developments were designated as rectifications (R), the second as additions (A) and the third as extensions (E), followed by their proper location (page and line). We list all the results gathered for our first studies, referring by Y (yes) or N (no) its state relatively to the types mentioned previously. These data may be updated as long as new elements are available and the information keeps relevance.


County of Anjou N Y Y 102 -
County of Antwerp N N Y 92 -
County of Atholl N N N 99 -
Balliol (Toponymical reference) N N N 88 -
County of Bar N Y Y 87 -
County of Barcelona N N Y 102 28
County of Barcelona Y N Y 102 32
Duchy of Bavaria N N N 108 14
Duchy of Bavaria N N N 108 n51
Duchy of Bavaria N N N 108 15
County of Beaumont N N N 99 -
Kingdom of Bohemia Y N Y 93 10
Kingdom of Bohemia Y Y Y 93 13
Kingdom of Bosnia Y N Y 113 -
Duchy of Brabant N N Y 102 -
Duchy of Brittany N N N 105 -
Kingdom of Bulgaria N N Y 109 -
Duchy of Burgundy N Y N 95 21
Duchy of Burgundy N N N 95 22
Duchy of Burgundy N N N 105 -
Duchy of Burgundy N N N 106 -
County of Burgundy I N N Y 91 -
County of Burgundy II N N Y 106 -
County of Calw N N N 95 -
Kingdom of Castile Y Y Y 109 -
Kingdom of Castile N Y Y 101 -
County of Charolais N N N 107 -
County of Clare N N N 106 -
County of Cornwall I Y N Y 106 -
County of Cornwall II N N Y 99 -
Kingdom of Denmark Y N Y 103 -
County of Diez N N N 113 -
Kingdom of England I N N N 107 -
Kingdom of England II N N N 107 -
Kingdom of England III N N Y 102 8
Kingdom of England III N N Y 102 15
Kingdom of France N Y Y 141 -
Kingdom of France N N Y 97 -
Kingdom of France N Y Y 101 -
Duchy of Guelders I N N Y 113 22
Duchy of Guelders II Y N Y 113 24
County of Guînes N N N 95 -
County of Hesse N N Y 103 -
Holy Empire I Y Y Y 95 -
Holy Empire II N N Y 90 -
County of Hoya N N N 111 -
Kingdom of Hungary N N Y 100 -
Lordship of Ireland N N N 93 -
Lordship of Ireland N N N 90 5
Lordship of Ireland N N N 90 4
Kingdom of Jerusalem Y N Y 93 -
Jerusalem (Attributed Arms) N N N 91 -
County of Katzenelnbogen N N N 110 -
County of Kent N Y Y 90 -
County of Kirchberg N Y Y 98 -
Viscounty of Labourd N Y Y 110 -
Latin Empire N N N 90 -
County of Lauffen N N Y 107 -
Kingdom of León N Y Y 101 -
Principality of Liechtenstein N N Y 105 -
Prince-Bishopric of Liège N Y Y 96 -
Grand Duchy of Lithuania N Y Y 108 -
Duchy of Lorraine N N N 89 -
Landgraviate of Lower Alsace N N Y 101 -
Duchy of Lower Austria N N Y 111 -
County of Luxembourg Y N Y 95 26
County of Luxembourg Y N Y 95 27
Kingdom of Majorca N N N 106 -
Kingdom of Mann N N Y 96 -
County of Marche I N N Y 113 -
County of Marche II N N N 113 -
Margraviate of Monferrato N N N 105 -
Margraviate of Moravia N N Y 106 -
County of Nassau N N Y 113 -
Kingdom of Navarre Y N Y 100 2
Kingdom of Navarre N N Y 100 31
Kingdom of Norway N Y Y 113 -
Norway (Attributed Arms) N N N 110 -
County of Orkney N N N 100 -
Kingdom of Poland N N N 89 15
Kingdom of Poland N N N 89 18
Portugal (Attributed Arms I) Y Y Y 96 -
Portugal (Attributed Arms II) N N Y 100 -
Quincy (Toponymical reference) N N N 106 -
County of Rantzau N Y Y 105 -
County of Rennes N N Y 98 -
Viscounty of Rochechouart N N Y 110 -
Salerno (Attributed Arms) Y Y Y 100 -
Republic of San Marino N Y N 94 -
County of Savoy I N N N 111 -
County of Savoy II N N N 99 -
Duchy of Saxony N N Y 101 -
County of Schauenburg N N Y 89 -
Canton of Schwytz Y N Y 89 -
Kingdom of Scotland Y N Y 108 24
Kingdom of Scotland Y N Y 108 21
County of Solms N Y Y 113 -
County of Spiegelberg N N N 108 -
Kingdom of Sweden Y N Y 96 -
Landgraviate of Thuringia N Y Y 98 24
Landgraviate of Thuringia N Y Y 98 28
County of Tonnerre N N N 112 -
Duchy of Trakai N N Y 112 -
County of Vermandois N N Y 92 -
Kingdom of Wales N Y Y 89 37
Kingdom of Wales Y N Y 89 38
Principality of Wallachia N N Y 109 22
Principality of Wallachia Y N Y 109 23
County of Werdenberg N N Y 101 -
County of Winchester N N N 106 -
County of Ziegenhain N N N 98 -

I refer secondly the work made outside the dissertation's ambiance, then briefly approached within the corpus, building the sampling universe of 711 heraldic traces. Since then, more than 1500 new armorial traces have been analysed by applying the parophonic methodology. Some of these blazons appear in the map that follows, although somewhat displaced to the present nationalities. They emphasize a remarkable geographical dispersion, seeming to indicate a comprehensive phenomenon and possibly its establishment with the beginning of heraldry.



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