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Sampling Universe of Heraldic Traces ( A - B )

Published by Carlos da Fonte, em 14.03.12
Kingdom of Castille, Principality of Wallachia, Kingdom of Bosnia, Kingdom of Scotland, Kingdom of Norway, Grand Duchy of Lithuania

The final part of the thesis includes a comprehensive list of all 771 sets of heraldic traces used to build the sampling universe. From these data we selected the 86 blazons of the sample, which deserved a careful analysis during the investigation. As that initial study of the universe was swift and shallow, many of the previous conclusions have been improved, as established in The Present State of Research. The intention would be, naturally, to reapply the parophonic methodology carefully to all blazons demanding adjustments, updating them permanently as needed, in an iterative process. At this stage, however, researching efforts will phocus in solving semiotic questions related with Portuguese heraldry. Nevertheless, we kept the results shown in the original presentation,  as they are the foundation of the statistical indicators described at section: 5.4 Quantitative Analysis (see the dissertation at p. 79), remaining generally true.



We will use below the signs published in Acronyms, Symbols and Abbreviations. Subtitles: Jº (jurisdiction), M (referent's metonymy), LD (denominant language), Ld (designant language), E (specification); Specifications: # (Numeral), * (Notoriety), \ (Meteorology), ^ (Architecture), = (Transmission) , § (Signage), B (Botany), C (Coloration), G (Geometry), H (Human), M (Material), º (Astronomy), S (Other substantives), T (Toponymy), V (Verbal), Z (Zoology); Jurisdictions: Ce (Municipality), Cº (County), Dº (Duchy), Fª (Attributed arms), Gº (Grand Duchy), Iº (Empire), Kº (Canton), Lº (Landgraviate), Mº (Margraviate), Om (Military Order), Pº (Principality), Rª (Republic), Rº (Kingdom), Rt (Toponymical reference), Sº (Lordship), Vº (Viscounty).



Abensberg GEO ale. ale. º
Achaea GEO fra. fra. §
Africa GEO fra. fra. ZZ
Agde GEO oci. oci. \
Ahlten GEO ale. ale. G
Aichelberg GEO ale. ale. G
Albania = = = =
Ps Albania Veneta GEO ser. ser. Z
Albret GEO oci. oci. Z
Alençon = = = =
Alexandria GEO lat. lat. ZV
Almeria GEO fra. ano. ^
Altena = = = =
Altenburg GEO ale. ale. B
Amalfi GEO ita. ita. §
Amiens GEO fra. fra. C
Ampurias GEO cat. cat. S
Ancona GEO ita. gre. H
Andechs-Meranien = = = =
Andorne OUT fra. ano. BM
Andorra = = = =
Angoulême GEO fra. fra. G
Anhalt = = = =
Anhalt-Bernburg GEO ale. ale. Z^
Anjou GEO fra. fra. Z
Anjou GEO lat. lat. #
Anjou II = = = =
Antiochia GEO ano. ano. S
Antiochia II GEO lat. lat. B
Antoris OUT fra. fra. ZG
Antwerp GEO hol. hol. HV
Antwerp II = = = =
Aquitaine = = = =
Aquitaine II GEO fra. fra. Z
Arabia GEO lat. lat. S
Aragon = = = =
Aragon II GEO cat. cat. HZ
Aragon II GEO cat. cat. H
Aragon II GEO ara. cat. G
Are GEO ale. ale. Z
Aremberg GEO ale. ale. B
Arenfels GEO ale. ale. Z
Arles GEO oci. oci. T
Armagnac = = = =
Armagnac II = = = =
Armansperg GEO ale. ale. Z
Armenia GEO fra. fra. S
Arnsberg GEO ale. ale. Z
Arnstein GEO ale. ale. ZT
Artois = = = =
Arundel GEO ing. ano. Z
Arundel II = = = =
Astarac GEO oci. oci. G
Asturias GEO ast. ast. *
Atholl GEO gae. gae.
Auersperg GEO ale. ale. Z
Aumale GEO fra. fra. CS
Aumale II = = = =
Aumale II GEO fra. fra. G
Aumerrie OUT fra. fra. S
Aunis GEO fra. fra. C
Aunis GEO fra. fra. Z
Auschwitz = = = =
Austria = = = =
Auvergne GEO fra. fra. S
Df Auvergne II GEO fra. fra. *H
Df Auvergne II OUT fra. fra. Z
Auxerre = = = =
Rt Avaugour GEO bre. bre. ^
Babenberg GEO ale. ale. T
Babylon GEO fra. fra. Z
Babylon II GEO fra. ano. G
Baden GEO ale. ale. T
Ballenstedt GEO ale. ale. S
Rt Balliol GEO gae. gae. ^
Rt Baluun GEO fra. ano. CZ
Bandars OUT fra. fra. ZC
Bandas OUT fra. fra. SG
Bar GEO fra. fra. Z
Barcelona GEO lat. lat. G#
Barcelona GEO lat. lat. C
Barcelona GEO cat. lat. S
Basque Country GEO bas. bas. #G
Basque Country = = = =
Basque Country GEO bas. bas. C
Bavaria GEO lat. lat. S
Bavaria GEO lat. lat. S
Bavaria GEO ale. ale. \
Béarn GEO oci. oci. Z
Rt Beauchamp GEO fra. ano. S
Beaumont GEO fra. fra. T
Beaumont GEO fra. fra. ^GGM
Beaumont II = = = =
Beauvais GEO fra. fra. ^
Beilstein = = = =
Belarus = = = =
Belarus GEO bie. bie. C
Bentheim GEO ale. ale. B
Berg = = = =
Berg II = = = =
Bern GEO ale. ale. Z
Berry GEO fra. fra. B
Besalú GEO cat. cat. B
Béziers GEO oci. oci. B
Bigorre = = = =
Biscay = = = =
Blâmont = = = =
Blankenburg = = = =
Blankenheim GEO ale. lat. Z
Blois GEO fra. fra. Z
Blois GEO lat. fra. C
Blois GEO fra. fra. C
Blois II = = = =
Bogen = = = =
Bohemia GEO che. che. Z#
Bohemia GEO che. che. ^
Bohemia II GEO ano. ano. S
Rt Bohun GEO ing. ano. G
Bologna GEO fra. fra. S
Bologna II = = = =
Bosnia GEO bos. bos. B
Bougie GEO fra. fra. Z
Bouillon GEO fra. fra. ^
Bourbon GEO fra. fra. Z
Brabant GEO hol. hol. Z#
Braine GEO fra. fra. ^
Brandenburg GEO ale. ale. S
Braunschweig = = = =
Bregenz GEO ale. ale. Z
Brehna GEO ale. ale. S
Breisgau = = = =
Bressanone GEO ita. ita. \Z
Breteuil GEO fra. fra. G
Brienne = = = =
Brittany GEO bre. bre. G
Broyes GEO fra. fra. S
Bruchhausen GEO ale. ale. G
Brzeg GEO pol. pol. #S
Buchan GEO ing. ano. B
Bulgaria GEO bul. bul. Z
Bulgaria II GEO bul. bul. Z
Burgau GEO ale. ale. T
Burgie GEO fra. fra. C
Burgundy GEO ale. ale. Z
Burgundy GEO ale. ale. C
Burgundy GEO fra. fra. G
Burgundy GEO fra. fra. BC
Burgundy GEO fra. fra. T^
Burgundy GEO fra. fra. C
Burgundy GEO fra. fra. GC
Burgundy II GEO fra. fra. ^
Burgundy II = = = =
Burgundy II = = = =
Byzantine Empire GEO gre. gre. Z
Byzantine Empire II ANT gre. gre. S

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