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Acronyms, Symbols & Abbreviations

Published by Carlos da Fonte, em 08.03.12

The adjoining table specifies the acronyms, symbols and abbreviations used in the thesis, as well as several others that may be useful for the next developments. Please note that not all the signs correspond exactly to those we used previously. While striving to keep maximum consistency, we improved what seemed less clear including complementary symbology, some already used in texts related to these themes. We've tried our best to make it correspond to a regular Portuguese keyboard. Similarly to other tables, we will add new entries whenever needed.

- no data / redundant data
- heraldic disposition (2-1-2)
- subtracted from
_ no character
_ morpheme
\ meteorological specification
/ of (1/3)
/ or
/ end of a manuscript line
// end of a manuscript page
# quantitative specification
% per cent
n(omi)ne abbreviation of manuscript letters
[M] manuscript initial
[… …] interruption
[s.l.] sine loco
[s.n.] sine nomine
~ is parophone to
^ architectural specification
* specification of notoriety
+ concatenated with
+ added to
< less than
< > electronic address delimiters
less or equal than
= arms of transmission
= equal to
> phonetic evolution
> greater than
>< different
greater or equal than
× versus / compared to
× multiplied by
÷ divided by
see partial results
sequence of events
since (period)
see partial results
§ specification of signage
Σ summation
1D unidimensional
2D two-dimensional
3D three-dimensional
A accommodation
A alteration
a.C. before Christ
A.D.B. Arquivo Distrital de Braga
Abr. April
abrª abbreviation
Add Liber Additamentorum
adj. adjective
Ago. August
alb. Albanese
ALE Germany
ale. German
ano. Anglo-Norman
ANT anthroponymic metonymization
ara. Aragonese
arv. tree
ast. Asturian
ATI heraldic trace of attitude
B botanical specification
Bal Balliol Roll
bas. Basque
BEL Belgium
bie. Belarussian
Big Rôle d'Arms Bigot
bos. Bosnian
bre. Breton
bul. Bulgarian
bxa. Lower-German
c coeficient of character
C specification of coloration
C complement
Cae Caerlaverock's Roll
Cam Rôle de Tournoi de Cambrai
CAP capital metonymization
cap. chapter
cas. Castilian
cat. Catalan
caz. Kazakh
Cdn Camden Roll
Cha Charles' Roll
Ce City / Municipality
che. Czech
Cho Rôle de Tournoi de Chauvency
cód. codex
Col Collins' Roll
Com Rôle de Tournoi de Compiègne
CR Carolingian script
cro. Croatian
d designant
D denominant
D word composition
D. Dom / Dona
Der Dering Roll
Dez. December
din. Danish
DIS heraldic trace of disposition
doc. document
docs. documents
E specification
e.g. exempli gratia
ed. edition / editor
ESAD Escola Superior de Artes e Design
ESM heraldic trace of tincture
est. picture
et al. et alii
etc. et coetera
ETN ethnonymic metonymization
Fev. February
f. folium
attributed arms
Fal Falkirk's Roll
fasc. fascicle
FEUP Faculdade de Engenharia da UP
FIG heraldic trace of figuration
fig. figura
fin. Finnish
fls. folia
FLUP Faculdade de Letras da UP
FRA France
fra. French
G geometrical specification
gae. Scottish Gaelic
Gal Galloway Roll
gav. drawer
Gel Codex Gelre
GEO geographical metonymization
Geo St. George's Roll
glg. Galician
Glo Glover's Roll
gls. Welsh
Grand Duchy
gre. Greek
GT Gothic script
H heraldic trace
H human specification
Her Herald's Roll
HID hydronymic metonymization
hol. Dutch
hun. Hungarian
I interaction
ing. English
IPA International Phonetic Alphabet
irl. Irish Gaelic
isl. Icelandic
ita. Italian
j nº of parophonic transformations
Jan. January
Js Book of Joshua
Jul. July
Jun. June
Jz Book of Judges
k discretion index
lat. Latin
LD Denominant's language
Ld Designant's language
Leb Armorial Le Breton
leo. Leonese
let. Latvian
lig. Ligurian
lit. literally
liv. book
ltn. Lithuanian
LOC heraldic trace of placement
lux. Luxembourgish
M referent's metonymization
M material specification
m. bundle
Mai. May
Man Codex Manesse
Mar Lord Marshall's Roll
Mar. March
max(a,b) maximum value of (a, b)
MD diplomatic minuscule script
mns. Manese
ms. manuscript / manuscripts
Mt Gospel of Matthew
n quantity / number
N / n no
nD nº of denominant's characters
nd nº of designant's characters
n1 footnote 1
nor. Norwegian
Nov. November
nrm. Norman
NUM heraldic trace of number
º astronomical specification
Ø none / empty set
oci. Occitan
Ofl Rôle d'Armes de l'Ost de Flandre
Om Military Order
ORI heraldic trace of orientation
Out. October
p coefficient of positioning
p. / Pª page
PAD heraldic trace of pattern
p1 type of simple plane symmetry
Plo Rôle d'Armes de l'Ost de Ploërmel
pol. Polish
pp. pages
R referent
r. recto
RC classical rodado
RES residential metonymization
REU United Kingdom
RF fanciful rodado
rmc. Romansh
rom. Romanian
Rt Toponymical reference
rus. Russian
S specification of substantive
S sematization
S / s yes
S. Saint
SC wax seal
séc. century
SEP heraldic trace of separation
ser. Serbian
Set. September
Sl Book of Psalms
SN sign without a rodado
sor. Sorbian
SP lead seal
ss. following
Sti Stirling Roll
sue. Swedish
t coefficient of transposition
T toponymical specification
T transmigration
T.T. Torre do Tombo
TER territorial metonymization
ucr. Ucranian
UP Universidade do Porto
V verbal specification / action
V verbalization
v. verso
var. variety
Ver Armorial du Heraut Vermandois
vol. volume
VS visigothic script
VT carolingian-visigothic script
Wal Walford's Roll
Wij Wijnbergen Wappenrolle
Z zoological specification
Zur Zürcher Wappenrolle

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