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Cavalcanti - Crest

Published by Carlos da Fonte, em 14.05.13

In accordance with our methodological approach to heraldic parophony, we report the development of a new semantic proposition for the crest in the coat of arms of Cavalcanti (from Portugal): a hippogriff rampant in flames of fire all proper”.

Semantic levels: two or more.
Discretion index: medium (I), small (II).

Denominant's verbalization: Italian adapted to Portuguese.
Designant's verbalization: Portuguese.
Heraldic plot: unknown or none.
Implied quotation: unknown or none.
Canting impression: “cavalcante” (Italian » rider).
Virtual trace: crest » figuration » hippogriff.
Denominant's origin: allochthonous.
Credibility: excellent.
Cypher: 37 (I), 54 (II).


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